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Even With a Bigger Navy, It’ll Be Tough for Beijing to Control the South China Sea

by Robert Beckhusen, freelance writer It’s one of the perennial stories of world politics. China is rapidly building up its naval forces, and one of the directions those warships are heading is into the disputed zones of the South China … Continue reading

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Südafrikas Armee steht vor der “weitreichenden Obsoleszenz”

von Peter Dörrie Unter der Apartheid war der südafrikanische Sicherheitssektor das zentrale Standbein der rassistischen Regierung in der Innen- und Außenpolitik. Sowohl Polizei, als auch Armee arbeiteten intensiv an der Zerschlagung der schwarzen Widerstandsbewegungen im In- und Ausland. Diese Politik … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the month: Putin’s Missing Shirt

Judging by the pictures of Mr. Putin in his free time, he is in need of a new shirt. In light of his recent behaviour, cartoonist Pedro Molina from Nicaragua has a fashion tip. • • • Molina is a … Continue reading

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HMAS Canberra LHD To Be Handed Over Q3 2014

The latest satellite imagery shows the HMAS Canberra LHD at the fitting out pier at BAE’s Williamstown shipyard located in Victoria, Australia. The Canberra class amphibious assault ships are the largest vessels ever constructed for Australia, and it appears the Royal … Continue reading

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NATO’s Pivot to Russia: Cold War 2.0 at Sea?

by Felix F. Seidler. Felix is a fellow at the Institute for Security Policy, University of Kiel, Germany and runs the site Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik“. This article was published there at first Putin’s annexation of the Crimea shifts NATO’s focus back … Continue reading

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SWJ Book Review: The Lieutenant Don’t Know

by Jeong Lee, a freelance writer. This article was originally posted at Small Wars Journal and is cross-posted with permission. Since 9/11, many war memoirs have chronicled the collective experiences of the fighting men who fought and bled in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Rational Actors Don’t Always Make the Decisions We Would

When countries act in ways Westerners find confusing, it’s easy to regard their behavior as irrational. Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear capacity and Russia’s recent invasion and annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea are cases in point. Both have incurred high costs … Continue reading

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Sea Control 27 – International Law, Crimea, and China

In this episode, Anthony Clark Arend, Professor of Government and Foreign Service at Georgetown University and the Director of the Master of Science in Foreign Service in the Walsh School of Foreign Service speaks about International law. International law comprises … Continue reading

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Afrikas Luftwaffen rüsten auf

von Peter Dörrie. If you don’t understand German, then check out “Why Are African Countries Buying All These High-Tech Jet Fighters?” about the same topic, also written by Peter Dörrie, published on “War is Boring“. Afrikanische Streitkräfte sind derzeit auf … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Wie die deutsche Sicherheitspolitik reagieren muss

von Felix F. Seidler. Felix F. Seidler ist freier Mitarbeiter am Institut für Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität in Kiel und Administrator von Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik. Dieser Artikel wurde dort als erstes veröffentlicht. Bisher war das deutsche Management der geopolitischen Folgen der … Continue reading

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